Online Safety Policy

ToonTube for Toontastic and TeleStory

ToonTube is a safe harbor for kids to share imaginative stories with friends and family around the world. Our #1 goal is to keep kids safe and teachers and parents at ease.

  1. A teacher or parent must create a user account before a child can publish content online. Any distinguishing information (username, name, birthday, address, etc.) will be provided by the parent and not the child. We do not solicit, collect, or share personal information from children – though we are curious as to your favorite ice cream flavor (Mint Chip FTW!).
  2. Teachers/parents are notified each time a child publishes a cartoon to ToonTube and may choose to approve every cartoon before it is shared with others. Parents and teachers are responsible for ensuring that kids' cartoons are safe to publish online.
  3. We regularly review all published content and reserve the right to remove inappropriate cartoons from public view… or any cartoons with cats on keyboards. We also ask our users to keep an eye out for inappropriate material. Here are some reasons cartoons get removed from ToonTube:
    1. Personal Information – Could a stranger find you IRL with information from your cartoons? If so, we can't keep them on ToonTube, just in case.
    2. Copyrighted Content – Drawing your own Angry Birds is so much cooler than taking screenshots – and way less illegal. Be a creator, not a copycat :)
    3. Gross Images – If it’s icky enough to make you say “Gross!”, check with your parents or teacher before uploading to ToonTube - just to be safe.
    4. Bad Language – There are so many great words to choose from – words like gobbledygook and hullabaloo. Try to find a more creative way to tell your story.
    5. Too Violent – On a scale from one to Rambo, how violent is your cartoon? Walking the plank is alright, blood and guts… not cool.
    6. Inappropriate Themes – Would you talk about your cartoon with your teacher? If not… you get the picture :)

StoryShare for Toontastic Jr.

StoryShare for Toontastic Jr. enables kids to create cartoons with friends and family in real-time over the internet – it’s like a telephone with toys!

  1. StoryShare uses a “double confirmation” system requiring BOTH parties to request and approve a connection (over email). With this, there’s no way for a stranger to contact your children through our software. As for animated monkeys, well, that’s a different story :)
  2. StoryShare does not save or store cartoons online – only on the two devices used to create the stories. Don’t worry – the secret location of your buried treasure is safe!

If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome you to email our Online Safety team at


In addition to uploading cartoons, our apps check in with our robots (servers) from time to time to provide general analytics about how our apps are performing. Data could include (but are not limited to) device identifiers, IP address, time spent in app, number of cartoons created, etc. – all collected passively within our apps. We use this feedback to inform and improve future updates and promise not to collect any more information than is necessary to optimize our apps.

We work with a number of 3rd party partners to collect this feedback and to advertise, promote, and identify problems on our site and in our apps. These partners sometimes track generic identifiers to measure installs and detect software bugs. Our partners currently include Google, Flurry, Distimo, MixPanel, TapJoy, AppTrailers, Chartboost, Crashlitics, Facebook, and

If parents have any questions or privacy-related concerns, they can email us at or snail-mail us at:

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