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At Launchpad Toys we're creating digital toys and tools that empower kids to create, learn & share their ideas through play. Our Media Kit includes all sorts of resources that help to support, explain, and promote our products.

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Here are a number of screenshots of Toontastic in action.

Promo - As seen in the iTunes App Store

App Walkthrough - Screenshots taken along the story creation process

Stories - Imagine what stories your kids will be able to create!

And here are screenshots of Toontastic's little brothers: Toontastic Jr. Kung Fu Panda, Toontastic Jr. Shrek, and Toontastic Jr. Pirates. Awwwww... aren't they adorable?

Promo - As seen in the iTunes App Store

Promo - As seen in the iTunes App Store

Promo - As seen in the iTunes App Store


A smattering of photos taken during beta tests while developing Toontastic and our storytelling workshops at Zeum: San Francisco's Children's Museum. Photos may only be used in an editorial context relating to Toontastic/Launchpad Toys. High-res photos available on request.


Here's our trailer for Toontastic Jr. Kung Fu Panda. Heeyah! Boom! Kachow! Oof!

Download - MP4 video file (HD 1280x720 / 10 Mb / 1 Minute)
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This is our commercial for Toontastic Jr. Shrek. Please embed and share lots and lots.

Download - MP4 video file (HD 1280x720 / 9 Mb / 1 Minute)
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This is our commercial for Toontastic Jr. Pirates. Embed and share it with the world!

Download - MP4 video file (HD 1280x720 / 19 Mb / 1 Minute)
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Please feel free to embed and share our promotional video, filmed while developing and field testing Toontastic at The Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco.

Download - MOV video file (HD 1280x720 / 15 Mb / 1 Minute)
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Parent & Teacher Guide

Our Parent & Teacher Guide is written to encourage Collaborative Play between kids and adults, providing curricular support for parents, teachers, siblings, grandparents, cousins, and general oldsters looking to help their kids become better storytellers through creative play.

Reviews, Accolades & Articles

"Top 10 iPad Apps of 2011"

-The New York Times

"Kids and parents will agree: Toontastic is fantastic! Toontastic offers a creative and engaging educational experience that builds a critical new bridge between informal and formal learning."

-Dr. Michael Levine, Executive Director: Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

"Toontastic is a great teaching tool for any class subject, enabling students of all ages to share their learnings through the age old art of storytelling. Toontastic is the most exciting educational app of 2011."

-Daniel Donahoo, WIRED Blogger & Author of Idolising Children and Adproofing Your Kids

"Terrific! Toontastic is a supportive and fun learning environment that fosters creativity and builds expressive language and narrative skills."

-Dr. Lauren Franke, Psychologist and Speech Pathologist


The Toontastic, Toontastic Jr icons and the Launchpad Toys logo (click for high res images):

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