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December 2014

Jinny Gudmundsen gives TeleStory 5 stars on Tech With Kids

Toontastic "Blows Away" Tech With Kids

The iMums declare TeleStory "Brilliant!"

October 2014

Common Sense Media calls TeleStory "Great Fun"

Apps Playground is intrigued by Telestory.

August 2014

Launchpad Toys featured on NBC's TODAY Show

Toontastic featured on NPR's On Point radio program!

June 2014

Jason Boog, author of Born Reading, interviews Andy about Toontastic

Common Sense Media celebrates Toontastic in its Summer Learning Guide!

March 2014

The New York Film Academy names Toontastic one of the best beginner animation apps for film students

January 2014

appoLearning features Toontastic Jr. Kung Fu Panda's StoryShare

December 2013

Common Sense Media features Toontastic in its "What's On For Kids: Winter Break Edition"

Apps Playground shares their thoughts on Toontastic Jr. Kung Fu Panda

November 2013

Rappler recommends Toontastic and the All Access Pass as a storytelling tool for kids

Toontastic and #LaunchpadEDU featured on iPad Educators

October 2013

Toontastic highlighted in "Flipping the Field Trip: When students run beta tests" on EdSurge

Forbes calls Toontastic a top app for writing and creativity

Parents and kids love learning to animate with Toontastic in Kuala Lumpur

The iMums announce the Toontastic "Monster Maker" Contest

[De]constructing Learning with Toontastic & MinecraftEdu on the Joan Ganz Cooney Center blog

GeekMom calls Toon Academy: Minecraft "A marvelous way to learn"

iPad Kids showcases Toon Academy: Minecraft

September 2013

"With Toontastic, [kids aren't] just consuming media, they’re also creating it," declares Forbes

August 2013

iMums calls Toontastic: All Access "an ingenious app that is sure to be loved by kids of all ages"

Common Sense Media features Toontastic Jr. Pirates in its "Back to School Guide"

July 2013

American Association of School Librarians names Toontastic a "Best App for Teaching and Learning"

Toontastic is named 1 of 25 apps "Teachers with Apps Certified" for Learning

June 2013

#LaunchpadEDU "has set the standard" says the New Media Consortium blog

Co-founder Andy Russell shares his thoughts on Toontastic with AppoLearning

BOLD names co-founders Andy Russell and Thushan Amarasiriwardena "Social Innovation Rockstars"

AppoLearning gives Toontastic Jr. Pirates a 93/100 for Learning

May 2013

The Huffington Post proclaims "There is something truly fantastic about Toontastic"

Forbes calls Toontastic apps "collaborative play at its best"

"Children deserve popular culture" says GeekDad's Dan Donahoo

Launchpad Toys calls for more educational resources from developers on the Cooney Center blog

iPadKids is "head ogre heels" for Toontastic Jr. Shrek!

Teachers With Apps calls Toontastic Jr. Shrek a "dynamite addition" to Launchpad Toys' repertoire

AppoLearning says your kid won't be able to put down Toontastic!

Real Kids Apps calls Toontastic Jr. Shrek "absolutely a thumbs-up idea"

Launchpad Toys is creating learning experiences, not digital pacifiers

Apps Playground gets excited for the latest in Toontastic Jr.

The Guardian highlights Toontastic Jr. Shrek as an app for creative storytelling

Teq shows off their cartoon-making skills with a great Toontastic demo

Chip Chicklets: "The storytelling is all up to the kids" in Toontastic Jr. Shrek

April 2013

Toontastic featured as an "Awesome Freebie" in the Costco Connection.

March 2013

Common Sense Media awards Toontastic with one of its inaugural "ON for Learning" awards!

Toontastic Jr: Pirates wins a Parents Choice Award!

The iMums showcase our StoryDrive for 826 Valencia!

The Centsible Life makes Toontastic and Toontastic Jr: Pirates toons with her kids!

Red Tricycle helps Launchpad Toys raise money for 826 Valencia with the Toontastic Story Drive!

February 2013

KinderTown says Toontastic Jr: Pirates "opens up so many possibilities"

TeacherTalk on enabling kids to direct their own Toontastic adventure

January 2013

USA Today highlights Toontastic Jr. as a "Cooperative app for bringing families together"

The iPad Fan calls Toontastic Jr. Pirates "Simple and Amazing"

WIRED's GeekMom: Toontastic and Toontastic Jr. Pirates "Unleash the Artist Within"

iGameMom: "Create Stories as a Family with Toontastic Jr!"

ISTE's Leading & Learning Magazine on Toontastic for ESL learners

December 2012

WIRED's GeekDad: Toontastic Jr. Pirates is "astounding".

The Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop on "Toontastic Jr. and the Brave New World of Online Creative Co-Play"

Common Sense Media gives Toontastic Jr. Pirates 5 Stars!

The iPad Fan on Toontastic Jr: "Crazy Amount of Greatness!"

Apps Playground on Toontastic Jr: "Swashbuckling"

Padgadget calls Toontastic Jr. Pirates "It's like a recordable greeting card, but WAY more awesome".

November 2012

Top Kids Apps calls Toontastic an "Exceptional Creativity App for Kids" praises the new Launchpad Leaders program as "Unique and Wonderful"

Padgadget calls Toontastic a "Fantastic app for future directors!"

The Fred Rogers Center gives Toontastic 5 Stars!

October 2012 gives Toontastic 5 Stars for Fun AND Educational!

USA Today names Toontastic to its list of "5 Top Apps for Creative Kids"

The Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop applauds the Toontastic Pilot Study

Apps Playground celebrates Toontastic: All Access as "One of the best iPad apps for kids".

September 2012

WIRED's GeekDad: Toontastic is "Averting a Creativity Crisis Through Storytelling"

BetaKit celebrates a great Toontastic Milestone: 2 Million Toons!

Technapex highlights the Toontastic Pilot Study on Creativity at home and in the classroom

SPARK, the Kids + Creativity network, features Toontastic in "4 Innovative and Inspiring Tech Tools"

iPad Kids declares Toontastic a "creatively clever cartoon app!"

August 2012

The Huffington Post celebrates Toontastic in its "Future of Apps for Young Children"

DailyTekk names Launchpad Toys to its list of "100 Amazing Tech Tools for Parents and Kids"

July 2012

Appolicious calls MonkeyGram "Barrels of Telegram Fun" names Toontastic to their list of "Four Awesome Apps That Will Make Your Kid Smarter"

AppMyWorld names MonkeyGram to its "Top 5 Apps of the Week"!

June 2012

The iPhone App Review names MonkeyGram one of the "Top 5 Apps of the Week"!

Audrey Watters of Hack Education makes her first MonkeyGram!

PandoDaily interviews Launchpad Toys as one of their "Top 5 Kid-Centric Innovative Startups"

Gizmodo features MonkeyGram as one of their iPhone Apps of the Week!

Launchpad Toys previews MonkeyGram at the Launch Education conference. names Toontastic to its list of "Best Fun Apps for Kids (and Moms)"

NBC KTEK reports on Toontastic in the classroom in Tyler, Texas. YeeHaw!

May 2012

The Boston Globe says "The Kids are Alright" with Toontastic!

Appmodo: Toontastic is a "Noteworthy" tool for kids to create cartoons!

Common Sense Media calls Toontastic "Brilliant in so many ways!"

Tap Magazine says Toontastic is "executed brilliantly and a whole lot of fun!"

The Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning gives Toontastic 5 Stars!

April 2012

CNN features Toontastic as one of their "Top 5 Free Apps for Springtime"! on Toontastic "LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!"

TechNinja on Toontastic in Speech Therapy "Toontastic is FANTASTIC!"

March 2012

Macworld names Toontastic to its list of "Ten apps every iPad user should own"

Launchpad Toys talks with NBC's Class Action about Toontastic in the classroom!"

The National Education Association tells how they write stories using Toontastic on the iPad

Smart Apps for Kids names Toontastic to it's "Top 10 Apps" list!

The San Diego Union Tribune goes hands-on with Toontastic in Middle School Physics Class.

February 2012

The Frog Mom: "My Kids Can't Get Enough of Toontastic!"

January 2012

The New York Times names Toontastic as a "Top 10 iPad App of 2011"!

Apple names Toontastic a "Top 5 Education App" in their Rewind 2011 awards!

Apps for Homeschooling awards Toontastic its coveted "Golden App" award!

iPad Application Reviews calls Toontastic "one of the most creative iPad apps for Kids!"

AppTudes declares Toontastic a "Top 10 iPad app of 2011"!

PrimaryEduTech declares Toontastic a "fantastic cartoon creation tool" for kids… and big kids too!

Speech Therapist Cindy Montalbano on the benefits of Toontastic in Language/Writing Development

December 2011

Hack Education names Launchpad Toys as one of 10 "Top Education Startups of 2011"

A "looking back on 2011" interview with

Wired's declares Toontastic to be one of the "Top 10 Digital Toy Box Essentials"

MacWorld calls Toontastic a "Gem of an educational app"

Smatoos: Toontastic is a "Simply Stunning Platform for kids to make movies"

November 2011

Yahoo suggests you "unleash your inner animator" with Toontastic

GiggleApps says Toontastic "teaches invaluable lessons about storytelling to kids"

Parenting Magazine calls Toontastic "a wonderful way for your kids to flex their imagination muscles"

October 2011

The Chicago Sun-Times features Toontastic in a writeup on iPads at Fisher Elementary.

The iKids Blog declares Toontastic a "Must Have".

Mobile iEducator celebrates Toontastic's use of Story Arc in cartoon creation.

September 2011

The Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop announces our Toontastic Spooky Story Contest!

Edutopia proclaims Toontastic a "Must Have" for K-5 Classrooms announces our Spooky Story Contest!

Angela Santomero, creator of Blues Clues and Super Why champions Toontastic!

GeekDad applauds Toontastic's new Toy Store and Launchpad's efforts to balance play and profit.

Mindwing Concepts outlines "Fantastic Narrative Intervention with Toontastic"

SmartAppsForKids calls Toontastic a "Must Buy"

August 2011

TIME's TechLand features Launchpad Toys & asks whether the iPad is the future of toys

TechCrunch lays out Launchpad Toys' vision for a Creative Suite for Kids

Venture Beat interviews the Launchpad Toys team about the future of Digital Play

USA Today features Toontastic as a "healthy brain snack"

Forbes features Launchpad Toys in Y Combinator review

TechCrunch showcases Launchpad Toys in Y Combinator Roundup announces the winner of the Toontastic Travel Tales 'Tooning contest: Brighton Beach Day! says Toontastic is a "fantastic story making app for kids"

Parents Choice Magazine features Toontastic in "Create, Craft, Design, & Play"

WIRED's features Toontastic as a "perfect example of Intergenerational Play" says Toontastic is "one awesome classroom tool"

July 2011

WIRED's announces our Travel Tales 'Tooning Contest

Teaching Like it's 2999: "Toontastic is my new app boyfriend"

Teachers With Apps calls Toontastic "One of the Best"!

Apples for Kids interviews Launchpad Toys for its Challenged Based Learning Podcast

AppTudes calls Toontastic a "Creative Kids' Paradise"

June 2011

Survive Magazine declares Toontastic to be "A Treasure"

KQED MindShift features Toontastic as on of 50 Fantastic Play and Learn Apps calls Toontastic an "Amazing Creative Tool"

May 2011

Appolicious and Lucy Gray talk up Toontastic

iApps for teachers says Toontastic is "one of the best (apps) available in the app store".

NextGenStudents says Toontastic "should be in every Elementary Classroom".

Lunchbox Reviews calls Toontastic "one of the best cartoon generator apps".

April 2011

Toontastic awarded a Parents Choice Silver Honor Award!

Oregon Elementary School champions Toontastic as a Speech Therapy tool

Speech Pathologist Katie Kelley declares Toontastic "A Huge Hit"!

March 2011

iJustine tells her 1.2M followers: "That girl does some really sweet voice over"

NY1 features Toontastic in its weekly news segment "App Wrap"

February 2011

Common Sense Media awards Toontastic 5 Stars, honors it as a "Best Creative App"

Children's Technology Review: "Toontastic goes where no iPad App has gone before."

TapScape says Toontastic is "a wonderful way to stretch your child's imagination"

PADVance | Toontastic is "the ideal app for little Spielbergs"

HyperHomeschool | Toontastic: "A fantastic way to encourage reluctant writers and encourage creativity" reviews Toontastic for Elementary Classrooms

January 2011 | Toontastic: New Cartoon Creation and Storytelling App is the Perfect Imagination Tool

USA Today | Toontastic is "the first extraordinary app of 2011"

John Nack | Awesome app o' the day: Toontastic

Appolicious/AppVee reviews Toontastic

TheiPhoneMom | Toontastic: "the only app my kids have wanted to play"

CTV Tech Talk | Marc Saltzman Demos Toontastic as CTV's "App of the Week"

KQED Mindshift | Digital Storytelling Comes to Life on the iPad | Toontastic, a Creative Learning tool for the iPad from Launchpad Toys reviews Toontastic, "an example of the best possibilities for creating and creativity with the iPad"

The iPad Fan reviews Toontastic, "the perfect app for parents and kids to share time together"

August 2010

Toontastic featured in Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop's "Tech Supported Tools to Foster Kids' Creativity"

June 2010

Launchpad Toys Featured in Fast Company as one of "10 New Education Companies to Watch"

Toontastic Honored as a Finalist in Sesame Workshop's Breakthroughs in Mobile Learning Competition

Interview with Andy Russell on EdReformer: Kids Sharing Content

March 2010

Toontastic Selected as a Participant in the Startl 2010 Mobile Bootcamp