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Toon Academy: Minecraft!

Hannah Clemmons / 10.01.2013 /  10

Update 10/18:  With over 700 votes, we’re thrilled to announce that “What I Love About MINECRAFT” is our winning How Toon! “I like creative because you have infinite lives and infinite resources. An infinite number. You heard it – infinite!” We couldn’t agree more, GoldenNinja.

A giant THANKS! to all the playful storytellers, parents, and teachers who helped make How Toons an awesome success! Thanks to you, next time you need to figure something out in Minecraft, you can go straight to ToonTube and learn it from other kids!

Do you and your kids love Minecraft as much as we do? We’re partnering with our friends at MinecraftEdu to show what kids are learning by playing Minecraft in Toon Academy: Minecraft, which runs through October 17th. Here’s how you enter:

  1. Create a Minecraft “How Toon” on Toontastic that teaches other kids your favorite Minecraft activity.
  2. Upload your cartoon to ToonTube and submit it to the contest between October 7th and October 17th, 2013.
  3. Share you How Toons with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter – each like, share, comment and tweet counts as a vote for your cartoon!

At the end of the contest, the cartoon with the most votes will win a “How Toons” Prize Package from Launchpad Toys and MinecraftEdu. We’ve even created a Common Core-aligned Mission Plan and a Launchpad Toytivity to help teachers and parents work with kids to create their How Toons teaching others their favorite Minecraft activities. ButtonTemplates Toon Academy: Minecraft!

So roll up those sleeves and get ready to make some great Minecraft tutorials! For more resources on teaching with Minecraft, check out MinecraftEdu, a collaborative resource created by a small team of educators and programmers working to make Minecraft affordable and accessible to schools everywhere.

Still have questions? Check out the Official Contest Rules or email us at – we’re happy to chat! And don’t forget to grab Toontastic: All Access at half off through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for schools!


New Toontastic Toytivity!

Hannah Clemmons / 07.03.2013 /  2

MailChimpShrekToytivityBannerNoTop New Toontastic Toytivity!
It’s a holiday weekend here at Launchpad Toys Galactic Headquarters and that means fireworks, BBQ, and the latest Hollywood Blockbusters. This year, we’re making our own Hollywood Blockbusters with this FREE Launchpad Toytivity for our new Toontastic Jr. Shrek app!

MailChimpShrekToytivity New Toontastic Toytivity!What’s a Toytivity?
So glad you asked! Toytivities are FREE learning activities for families to play and create together using Launchpad Toys. This week we’re practicing “first person storytelling”.

Click below to download the Toytivity (perfect for kids ages 3+), grab your iPad, and gather your family for some good-old-fashioned creative storytelling… with a modern twist!

MailChimpShrekToytivityButton New Toontastic Toytivity!



Toytivities: Sound Storytelling!

Andy Russell / 11.30.2012 /  0

Looking for a fun weekend activity with your kids? We have just the ticket for you: a Launchpad Toytivity for you to play and create together using Toontastic!

Thumbnail2 Toytivities: Sound Storytelling!
Did you know that early films didn’t have speaking parts? Instead, storytellers used music and title cards to tell the audience what was happening. In this Toytivity, we’ll learn to convey emotion through sound design – a critical skill for all you junior filmmakers!


The Challenge

Tell a story using sound effects and music instead of dialogue!

  1. Plan your story. What’s going to happen? What will it sound like? What emotions will the music create?
  2. Practice, animate and record your story. Don’t forget the crashes, bangs and spaceship noises!
  3. Pick the right music for your story. Think about the tone and emotion you’re setting for each scene. Is the hero of your story running for his life? Make sure it sounds like it!
  4. Upload your cartoon to ToonTube and share it with family and friends. Send a link to for a chance to be featured on our website!

Tips & Tricks

It takes a lot of creativity and imagination to create the right soundscape for a story. Take a minute to close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. What story do they tell? Consider these tips and tricks for finding the right sounds and music for your story:

  1. Talk with a parent or friend to plan your story. Think about how to tell it using sounds and music.
  2. Listen carefully to music options for each scene. How does the music make you feel? Does it match the mood of your scene?
  3. Be playful, creative, and resourceful. Can’t find the sounds or music you need? make your own! Try pots, pans, zippers, and rubber bands!
  4. Still want more? With a parent, go online or to your local library to learn more about silent films. You may find you like them even better than the “talkies”!

Toytivities: Election Day!

Andy Russell / 11.06.2012 /  0

BlogElectionHeader Toytivities: Election Day!It’s Election Day here in the USA and we’re celebrating by creating our own Campaign Ads on Toontastic – join the fun, make an ad with your child or student, and learn a bit about scriptwriting along the way!

The Challenge

1. Plan a campaign ad:

SETUP: Introduce yourself.

CONFLICT: Propose a change that you’re passionate about. Longer recesses? More art class? WE AGREE!

CHALLENGE: Who is your opponent? Why are you the best candidate?

CLIMAX: How are you going to make your proposal happen?

RESOLUTION: What will change for voters when you win?

2. Pick a character or draw yourself in Toontastic and choose a setting for your ad. You could even draw a logo for your campaign or come up with a campaign slogan! Do you have a running mate – maybe your brother or sister or your best friend? (more…)