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Saturday Morning Cartoon Contest Montage

Andy Russell / 03.10.2014 /  0

We hosted a “Saturday Morning Cartoons” contest this weekend for all you playful storytellers out there to turn off your TV, get off the couch, and create YOUR OWN cartoons.

Your stories were so amazing that our voters had trouble picking a winner, so instead we decided to honor all of our participants with a highlight montage second only to… well… the greatest montage of all time.

Well done Toontastic Nation. You make EVERY MORNING feel like Saturday Morning!


Monster Maker Contest

Hannah Clemmons / 10.24.2013 /  0

Update 10/31:  We’re thrilled to announce that “Screepy” is our winning Monster! “The tail is for showing off. The feather makes you think he’s on fire. The sharp teeth will make you scream. His black tummy makes him turn into a shadow and one of his arms is made of metal. Be scared or just laugh! “

A giant THANKS! to all the playful storytellers, parents, and teachers who helped make Monsters this Halloween icon smile Monster Maker Contest

4 imums logo Monster Maker Contest

This contest is being sponsored by our friends at The iMums, who provide kids app reviews by mothers and iDevice lovers. After you enter the contest, head over to their site to read what they think of Toontastic!

MailChimpMonsterMakerJinx Monster Maker Contest
We’ve teamed up with The iMums for a week of inventor magic, mayhem, and Monster Making! Enter our Toontastic Monster Maker Contest for a chance to bring your own Monster to life as a plush toy : )

  1. Invent and animate your own Monster using ProtoToys! Is it a fire breathing rocket-dragon? An 8-armed Octo-cat? Some kind of Shark-tornado hybrid, perhaps ; ) Get more tips from our Monster Maker Toytivity.
  2. Describe your monster in your cartoon. What’s its name? Where’s it from? And why on earth does it have eight arms‽
  3. Upload your cartoon to ToonTube and click “Submit” on your cartoon page to add it to the contest. Don’t forget to vote : )
  4. PARENTS: Share your kids’ cartoons via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Every Like, Comment, and Tweet counts as a vote.

We’re excited to see all the marvelous Monsters you invent and bring to life with ProtoToys – available for $4.99 in Toontastic or FREE for “All Access” users.
MailChimpAllAccessButton.4 Monster Maker Contest
The contest runs today through Oct. 30th. On Halloween, we’ll announce the winning Monster on The iMums and send the winner a plush toy of his or her Monster (see Mr. Jinx above). Happy Spooking! Err.. Tooning!

Still have questions? Check out the Official Contest Rules or email us at – we’re happy to chat! And don’t forget that Toontastic: All Access at half off for schools through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program!


(De)Constructing Learning with Toontastic & MinecraftEdu

Andy Russell / 10.08.2013 /  0

CooneyCenterHowToons (De)Constructing Learning with Toontastic & MinecraftEdu

The following article appeared on the Cooney Center blog on 10/8/13.

Educational psychology has long recognized the impact of informal learning in child development. In fact, most educators and psychologists believe that young students learn more from other kids with shared perspectives and experiences than from adults so far removed from childhood. Whether at home, on the playground, or in the classroom, students assimilate, construct, and in-turn teach and reflect on new knowledge better in informal peer communities than more traditional “instructivist” settings.

So wouldn’t it be amazing if we could build a community for kids to swap stories and teach each other about the world around us?

Well… yes! Today, our team at Launchpad Toys is excited to announce an exciting new partnership with the teachers of MinecraftEdu and share what we believe to be a powerful model for educators and developers to co-construct social learning spaces – both inside and outside the classroom.

We call our project “Toon Academy: Minecraft”. It’s like Khan Academy, but “for kids, by kids” to create “How Toons” teaching each other tips and tricks they’ve learned in Minecraft. Our goals are three-fold:

  1. Engage kids in self-reflection about what they’re learning through play. Minecraft is a remarkably open-ended tool that teachers are using to explore a broad array of curricula from Physics to Free-Market Economics. As they prep their “How Toons”, our kid-creators hone their understandings as much as they would through a science report or a five-paragraph-essay, but in a way that’s both accessible and shareable.
  2. Foster strong presentation skills. Throughout the app and the accompanying materials (a “Mission Plan” for the classroom and a “Toytivity” for home), we walk kids through our own tips and tricks for blending a strong presentation with a good story. From boardroom slide decks to Kickstarter videos, presentation skills are paramount in today’s creative workforce – and a great story is the foundation of a great presentation.
  3. Curate a vast library of kid-created “How Toons” freely accessible to the world.

    For the next 10 days, we’re hosting a contest to find the best Minecraft lessons on ToonTube. The contest is open to every Toontastic creator (download Toontastic: FREE or Toontastic: All Access) and the cartoons created can be watched online by anyone in the world.

This sounds great, but how is it relevant to the larger EdTech community?

As excited as we are about Toon Academy: Minecraft (and let’s be honest, cartoons + Minecraft = bees knees + cats pajamas), the true promise lies in its model for interdisciplinary collaboration between developers, educators, and kids. Start with a topic that students are passionate about (Minecraft), throw in a constructionist learning environment that empowers them to create and share content (Toontastic), and mix in a community of educators (MinecraftEdu) to provide teaching resources (lesson plans) and scaffold open and constructive discourse.

For years, too many developers and educators have overlooked the remarkable potential of informal learning communities beyond the classroom and outside of the (software) box. With the tools afforded us today, we finally have the opportunity to collaboratively create new learning spaces “for kids, by kids” – communities where kids can share, reflect, and teach each other about the world around us.

We hope all you developers and educators out there will join us in creating social learning communities like Toon Academy: Minecraft. In the meantime, we’ll happily settle for a few tips on avoiding creepers.


Toon Academy: Minecraft!

Hannah Clemmons / 10.01.2013 /  10

Update 10/18:  With over 700 votes, we’re thrilled to announce that “What I Love About MINECRAFT” is our winning How Toon! “I like creative because you have infinite lives and infinite resources. An infinite number. You heard it – infinite!” We couldn’t agree more, GoldenNinja.

A giant THANKS! to all the playful storytellers, parents, and teachers who helped make How Toons an awesome success! Thanks to you, next time you need to figure something out in Minecraft, you can go straight to ToonTube and learn it from other kids!

Do you and your kids love Minecraft as much as we do? We’re partnering with our friends at MinecraftEdu to show what kids are learning by playing Minecraft in Toon Academy: Minecraft, which runs through October 17th. Here’s how you enter:

  1. Create a Minecraft “How Toon” on Toontastic that teaches other kids your favorite Minecraft activity.
  2. Upload your cartoon to ToonTube and submit it to the contest between October 7th and October 17th, 2013.
  3. Share you How Toons with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter – each like, share, comment and tweet counts as a vote for your cartoon!

At the end of the contest, the cartoon with the most votes will win a “How Toons” Prize Package from Launchpad Toys and MinecraftEdu. We’ve even created a Common Core-aligned Mission Plan and a Launchpad Toytivity to help teachers and parents work with kids to create their How Toons teaching others their favorite Minecraft activities. ButtonTemplates Toon Academy: Minecraft!

So roll up those sleeves and get ready to make some great Minecraft tutorials! For more resources on teaching with Minecraft, check out MinecraftEdu, a collaborative resource created by a small team of educators and programmers working to make Minecraft affordable and accessible to schools everywhere.

Still have questions? Check out the Official Contest Rules or email us at – we’re happy to chat! And don’t forget to grab Toontastic: All Access at half off through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for schools!


Toon Academy Digital Citizenship Contest!

Hannah Clemmons / 05.15.2013 /  3

Thanks to all the kids, teachers, and parents that participated in our Toon Academy Digital Citizenship Contest! Head over to the contest page to watch the winning cartoons. Or, check out #LaunchpadEDU to learn more about using Toontastic in educational settings.


Did you know that May is Digital Citizenship Month in California? We’re celebrating by working with our friends at Common Sense Media to help kids become better digital citizens through a “Toon Academy: Digital Citizenship”

01 CSM LOGO Toon Academy Digital Citizenship Contest!

To enter the contest, create a cartoon on Toontastic teaching others how they can be digital citizens and stay safe online. Then, submit your cartoon and votes to the Toon Academy Contest by May 22nd, 2013. Finally, get votes for your cartoon by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter – each like, share, comment and tweet counts as a vote for your cartoon!

At the end of the contest, the cartoon with the most votes during the contest will win a super-cool set of Sifteo Cubes! Since it’s Digital Citizenship in California, Common Sense Media will also be sending a set of Sifteo blocks to the California entry with the most votes! We’ve even created a Common Core-aligned Mission Plan and a Launchpad Toytivity to help teachers and parents work with kids to create Toon Academy cartoons and learn about digital citizenship.

So roll up your sleeves and get ready to make some great teacher videos! For more resources on teaching digital citizenship, download the Digitial Citizenship Month Activity Kit from Common Sense Media and start exploring today. We can’t wait to see all the fantastic, informative and inspiring teaching cartoons you create!

Still have questions? Email us at and we’ll be happy to chat! And don’t forget to check out Toontastic: All Access, available through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program and perfect for schools!


Shrek & ME

Hannah Clemmons / 05.03.2013 /  1

contest Shrek & METo celebrate the launch of our latest app Toontastic Jr. Shrek, we’ve teamed up with DreamWorks Animation to get kids drawing and parents showing off their kids’ creativity skills online – it’s a Shrek & Me Drawing Contest! Here’s what you do to enter:

  1. Grab your kids (and crayons) and draw a picture of you and your favorite Shrek characters
  2. Snap a photo of your drawing and upload it to the Shrek & Me Contest page
  3. Share with friends and family to earn lots of votes
  4. The top 3 drawings win a Shrek Family Movie Night Pack – complete with MOVIES, POPCORN, and PRIZES!

We hope you join in on the Shrektacular fun! We’ll be announcing the winners and showing off their artwork next Friday, May 10th. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the latest in creative movie-making: Toontastic Jr. Shrek, available now for iPad/iPhone.

We can’t wait to see all your fantastical Shrek drawings!


Thanks for the great Treasure Tales!

Hannah Clemmons / 04.03.2013 /  0

A hearty “Yo ho!” and “Congratulations!” to all the kids who created pirate ‘toons for our Toontastic Treasure Tales Contest!

Your creativity blew us away – literally. We had to rebuild the Treasure Tales webpage just to accommodate the sheer number of submissions. Nearly 600 pirate cartoons were created, with an average of about 10 views per cartoon. Now that’s a lot of Saturday morning cartoon watching!

We’re happy to announce that with nearly 200 votes, “Kidnaped Princess” by B1students is our Treasure Tales contest winner, and they’ll be receiving some treasure of their own very soon.

As always, thanks to all the storytellers, parents, and teachers who helped make Treasure Tales such a seafaring success. Stay ‘tooned for more great Toontastic contests coming soon!


The Toontastic Treasure Tales Contest!

Andy Russell / 03.19.2013 /  0

TreasureTalesBlogSquare1 The Toontastic Treasure Tales Contest!

Along with our latest release of Toontastic, we’re excited to announce the Toontastic Treasure Tales Contest to create and share your very own Pirate Adventures! So dig up some creativity, hunt around for that iPad, and upload your swashbuckling stories to ToonTube today! The contest ends on March 29th and the winner will receive a treasure chest full of Launchpad Toys prizes!

Top Tips for Tip Top Treasure Tales

  1. Use the Story Arc to tell a captivating tale of mystery, surprise, and intrigue!
  2. Yo ho ho ye scallywags and landlubbers – talk like a pirate!
  3. Upload your Treasure Tales to ToonTube and click “Submit” on the cartoon approval page to add your cartoon to the contest.
  4. Share your Toons on Facebook and Twitter. “Likes” and “re-tweets” = votes!

Happy Treasure Hunting… er, Tooning!


Thanks for Helping Spread Holiday Cheer!

Hannah Clemmons / 12.22.2012 /  1

Thanks to some pretty amazing work from playful storytellers, our Holiday Heroes Contest was an awesome success! Overall, the cartoons were watched and shared thousands of times, helping bring a little more holiday cheer to a lot of people this year!

So, from all of us here at Launchpad Toys, THANKS! and CONGRATULATIONS! to all the kids that submitted Holiday Heroes cartoons.

We’re pleased to announce that with the most votes, Kasstoon’s “How We Act” is the Holiday Heroes Contest winner! “The Generous Nutcracker” and “Christmas Pageant Drama” were close runner ups.

Stay toon-ed for more Toontastic contests coming in 2013. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


Toontastic Storytelling Contest: Holiday Heroes!

Andy Russell / 12.15.2012 /  1

HolidayHeroes Toontastic Storytelling Contest: Holiday Heroes!Roll up your Christmas sweater sleeves playful storytellers, it’s a Toontastic Storytelling Contest! We’re making cartoons about our Holiday Heroes and the winner receives a $50 Amazon Gift Card plus a $50 donation to his or her favorite charity!

This year, Parents can help spread the word about their kids’ incredible cartoons. Every Like, Share, Comment, Tweet, and Retweet on Facebook and Twitter counts as a vote. Email Grandma! Post those Toons to Facebook!

To Participate:

1. Create a cartoon about your Holiday Hero using Toontastic for the iPad. Stumped for a story? Try one of these:

  1. Smokey Stache is collecting presents for orphans…
  2. An ice storm is about to hit Buddy Builder at the North Pole…
  3. M.C. Hi-Tops is performing a charity holiday concert…
  4. Chef Fuzzerton is fixing a holiday feast at the soup kitchen…

2. Upload your cartoon to ToonTube. Then, log in online, open your video page, and click the “Submit” button.

3. Stay tuned – the winner will be announced Dec. 21st. This contest is open to residents of the US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

We can’t wait to see all the new holiday classics you create!


PiratePalooza: Win a Free Toontastic Playset Today!

Andy Russell / 05.11.2012 /  3

PiratePalooza PiratePalooza: Win a Free Toontastic Playset Today!

We’re kicking off a fun new contest today called “Piratepalooza” for all our friends of Toontastic!

We’re looking to add a little backstory to our Pirate characters and, rather than write everything ourselves, we thought we’d ask YOUR KIDS to help us out. So every day for the next week, we’ll be posting one Toontastic character on our FB page and we’d like you and your kids to dream up zany, absurd, and downright preposterous character descriptions (with your help posting to Facebook of course). The winner each day will receive one FREE TOONTASTIC PLAYSET of your choice.

Our inaugural entry is the very first character we made for Toontastic: Crazy Bearde!

Q1: How’d Crazy Bearde get his Peg Leg?

Q2: What’s his favorite thing to do?

Q3: If Crazy Bearde were an ice cream flavor, which flavor would he be (and why)?

Submit your entry today by 1) Liking this contest on Facebook and 2) Answering the above questions in a comment on the post. We’ll announce a new winner each day. We can’t wait to see what your kids dream up!


Introducing “Macavity”, our Creature Creator Contest Winner!

Andy Russell / 03.30.2012 /  8

MacavityDiagram1 Introducing Macavity, our Creature Creator Contest Winner!

Last week, we asked Toontastic Nation to join together in the Creature Creator Contest and design our newest character! The response was overwhelming – 264 hand-drawn creatures – and for the past two days the votes have been pouring in.

Today, we’re very excited to announce our winner. The creature’s name is “Macavity” – designed by Maetus Svasti Low, age 6, from Thailand. As you can see in the diagram above (and in the original submission below), Macavity has 8 arms, three eyes, two ears, a mouth with purple teeth, feet (not sure how many), and a belly button. We can’t wait to see Macavity come to life in our upcoming update.

MacavityOriginal2 Introducing Macavity, our Creature Creator Contest Winner!

Congratulations and THANK YOU to all 260+ creators for your AMAZING artwork. As always, we were blown away by your imagination, skill, and humor… you make everyday so very fun to come to work.

– Your Friends at Launchpad Toys