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Toon Academy Digital Citizenship Contest!

Hannah Clemmons / 05.15.2013 /  3

Thanks to all the kids, teachers, and parents that participated in our Toon Academy Digital Citizenship Contest! Head over to the contest page to watch the winning cartoons. Or, check out #LaunchpadEDU to learn more about using Toontastic in educational settings.


Did you know that May is Digital Citizenship Month in California? We’re celebrating by working with our friends at Common Sense Media to help kids become better digital citizens through a “Toon Academy: Digital Citizenship”

01 CSM LOGO Toon Academy Digital Citizenship Contest!

To enter the contest, create a cartoon on Toontastic teaching others how they can be digital citizens and stay safe online. Then, submit your cartoon and votes to the Toon Academy Contest by May 22nd, 2013. Finally, get votes for your cartoon by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter – each like, share, comment and tweet counts as a vote for your cartoon!

At the end of the contest, the cartoon with the most votes during the contest will win a super-cool set of Sifteo Cubes! Since it’s Digital Citizenship in California, Common Sense Media will also be sending a set of Sifteo blocks to the California entry with the most votes! We’ve even created a Common Core-aligned Mission Plan and a Launchpad Toytivity to help teachers and parents work with kids to create Toon Academy cartoons and learn about digital citizenship.

So roll up your sleeves and get ready to make some great teacher videos! For more resources on teaching digital citizenship, download the Digitial Citizenship Month Activity Kit from Common Sense Media and start exploring today. We can’t wait to see all the fantastic, informative and inspiring teaching cartoons you create!

Still have questions? Email us at and we’ll be happy to chat! And don’t forget to check out Toontastic: All Access, available through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program and perfect for schools!


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