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Announcing: Toontastic Jr. Pirates!

Andy Russell / 12.13.2012 /  3

BlogToontasticJr Announcing: Toontastic Jr. Pirates!We’re very excited today to unveil our newest app: Toontastic Jr. Pirates – a creative cartooning tool for young swashbucklers and scallywags (ages 3+) to create their own Pirate Toons on the iPadiPhone, and iPod Touch!

Toontastic Jr. Pirates features 12 animated “Story Starter” videos with a host of characters and settings to spark the imagination.

MailChimpToontasticJr Announcing: Toontastic Jr. Pirates!

Dig for buried treasure with Crazy Bearde on Pirates Cove, sail the high seas with Bonnie Flintlock on the Cutlass, and defend the landlubbers of Hardtack Harbor from the attack of the Barnacle. Avast!


NEW: StoryShare with Family Online!

StoryShare1 Announcing: Toontastic Jr. Pirates!Want to create stories with friends and family online? Check out StoryShare – a groundbreaking new feature in Toontastic Jr. that enables kids to play, TALK, and create collaborative stories with friends and family anywhere in the world!

Simply type in Grandma’s email address, have her login to Toontastic Jr. on her iPad, and… SHIVER ME TIMBERS! You’re connected – just like a telephone, but with TOYS!

Quote Announcing: Toontastic Jr. Pirates!
Available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Devices Announcing: Toontastic Jr. Pirates!You can now make cartoons on every device! There are two versions of Toontastic Jr. Pirates in the App Store – one for iPhone/iPod Touch and one for iPad and iPad Mini. You can even StoryShare between different devices: Grandpa on his phone, the kids on your iPad!



  • Richard / December 13, 2012

    Will any of these features come to the original app? If not, I would say that there will be a lot of disappointed kids and parents out there, especially those of us who paid $9.99 for the all access pass. The story share feature would have been great for classrooms as well. But now if teachers want this feature they will have to buy another app.

    Richard (Parent and Teacher)

  • Andy Russell / December 13, 2012

    Hi Richard – thanks for your note. We continue to update Toontastic and all of our apps regularly with new features and Toontastic will be getting a slew of new features very soon :) We’re glad to hear that you’re interested in StoryShare for Toontastic – we’ll definitely keep that in mind for upcoming updates!

  • Richard / December 13, 2012

    Thanks for responding so quickly! (That’s why I like you guys so much) And I look forward to the new features!

    Merry Christmas


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