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Toytivities: Election Day!

Andy Russell / 11.06.2012 /  0

BlogElectionHeader Toytivities: Election Day!It’s Election Day here in the USA and we’re celebrating by creating our own Campaign Ads on Toontastic – join the fun, make an ad with your child or student, and learn a bit about scriptwriting along the way!

The Challenge

1. Plan a campaign ad:

SETUP: Introduce yourself.

CONFLICT: Propose a change that you’re passionate about. Longer recesses? More art class? WE AGREE!

CHALLENGE: Who is your opponent? Why are you the best candidate?

CLIMAX: How are you going to make your proposal happen?

RESOLUTION: What will change for voters when you win?

2. Pick a character or draw yourself in Toontastic and choose a setting for your ad. You could even draw a logo for your campaign or come up with a campaign slogan! Do you have a running mate – maybe your brother or sister or your best friend?

3. Animate and record your campaign ad using Toontastic and then upload it to ToonTube. Make sure to state your name in the opening or closing and say “I Approve This Message”. Say it loud and proud!

4. Upload your cartoon to ToonTube, approve it, and send the link to You might just get OUR vote and be featured on our website!

Tips & Tricks

Thumbnail Toytivities: Election Day!

Telling a “persuasive” story is really important in life whether you’re running for School President, leader of your country… or just trying to convince your parents to get a dog! To “persuade” means to convince someone of something. Here are some helpful hints for writing your script!


1. Can you come up with three reasons why the problem you’re solving is important to your voters?

2. Think about qualities that make a good leader. Talk to a parent or friend about what kind of leader you would want to elect!

3. Be playful, funny, and optimistic! INSPIRE voters to believe in you!


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