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ToonTube + Facebook + Twitter = Awesomeosity

Andy Russell / 11.17.2012 /  0

TwitterFacebook ToonTube + Facebook + Twitter = AwesomeosityWe’re quite tickled to unveil a fun new feature today: your Likes, Shares, Comments, Tweets, and Re-Tweets on Twitter and Facebook now count as “Likes” on ToonTube!

This means that every time you tweet a cartoon or embed a video on Facebook for friends and family to watch, their feedback will help your kids to unlock BONUS CHARACTERS in Toontastic… like that new disco ball for your Gangnam Style music video!

MailchimpFacebookEmbed ToonTube + Facebook + Twitter = Awesomeosity


BONUS: sharing a cartoon on Facebook now embeds the video right on your wall for friends and family to watch! Trust us – it’s WAY easier than trying to tape an online video to your refrigerator door.

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