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Introducing our Inaugural Class of Launchpad Leaders!

Andy Russell / 10.09.2012 /  0

LaunchpadLeadersBlog Introducing our Inaugural Class of Launchpad Leaders!

With today’s release of Toontastic: All Access, we’ve also kicked off an exciting new venture called “Launchpad Leaders” through which we’ll be showcasing the best practices of educators using our apps in and out of the classroom. Today, we’re very proud to present our first 10 leaders.

Each Leader has contributed a 2 page “Mission Plan” outlining an activity that they’ve used with students working on Toontastic. From math exercises to animated book trailers for library books, we think you’ll be blown away by all their creative implementations of digital storytelling on the iPad.

Please help us spread the word about these amazing educators! Oh, and if you’re intersted in becoming a Launchpad Leader yourself, please email us anytime at


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