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Announcing: Toontastic All Access for Schools!

Andy Russell / 10.09.2012 /  1

MailChimpAllAccess2 Announcing: Toontastic All Access for Schools!

We’re very excited to announce today a new version of Toontastic especially for schools. It’s called “Toontastic: All Access” and it’s a one-time paid purchase through the Volume Discount Program complete with EVERY CHARACTER AND SETTING we’ve ever created. Don’t worry – future playsets will come free with updates.

Why a new version you ask? Well, we’ve heard from many teachers over the past year whose students are well on their way to be the next Spielberg, but who aren’t able to make In-App-Purchases on their school iPads. Sound familiar? Well, Toontasic: All Access is just for you!

Even better: with Volume Purchase you can get the app for $4.99. That’s 50% off of an already 60% discounted app. Bananas!

Above all, the crew here at Launchpad Toys would like to say THANK YOU TEACHERS for your remarkable creativity in the classroom and for inspiring your students to express their imaginations through playful storytelling. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next with over 150 new characters and settings to spark their creativity!

-Your Admiring Friends at Launchpad Toys


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