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Sneak Peek from the LAUNCH Conference: It’s MonkeyGram!

Andy Russell / 06.15.2012 /  1

It was a wild week here at Launchpad Toys Galactic Headquarters. We were quite tickled to be invited to the LAUNCH Education Conference as one of 30 “Top Education Startups”… and then thrilled, humbled, and honored to be awarded by the conference judges as “Best Overall”.

Most exciting, however, was that we had the chance to preview our next app – MonkeyGram – a playful messaging tool for the iPhone that lets you create and send cartoon messages to your friends over Facebook, Twitter, email, and text message! PandoDaily featured the app today in their review of the “Top 5 Innovative Kid-Centric Startups“.



  • Kim Cooke / June 20, 2012

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Good Luck with the launching of MonkeyGram!!!

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