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Hello World, it’s me… MonkeyGram!

Andy Russell / 06.21.2012 /  1

We’re OUTRAGEOUSLY excited today to announce the release of our 2nd app, MonkeyGram, LIVE now on the iTunes App Store!

“What’s a MonkeyGram?” you ask? Well, let me tell you friend – it’s a TOY BOX in your pocket! With MonkeyGram, all you kids-at-heart out there can create and send cartoon messages to friends and family over email, text message, Facebook, and Twitter – straight from your iPhone! You can even use your own photos or add friends’ photos to characters from Facebook!

Sound good great right? We thought so too! Even better – it’s FREE on iTunes!

Happy MonkeyGramming friends!


  • kelcie / July 6, 2014

    how i sign in monkeygram

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