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PiratePalooza: Win a Free Toontastic Playset Today!

Andy Russell / 05.11.2012 /  3

PiratePalooza PiratePalooza: Win a Free Toontastic Playset Today!

We’re kicking off a fun new contest today called “Piratepalooza” for all our friends of Toontastic!

We’re looking to add a little backstory to our Pirate characters and, rather than write everything ourselves, we thought we’d ask YOUR KIDS to help us out. So every day for the next week, we’ll be posting one Toontastic character on our FB page and we’d like you and your kids to dream up zany, absurd, and downright preposterous character descriptions (with your help posting to Facebook of course). The winner each day will receive one FREE TOONTASTIC PLAYSET of your choice.

Our inaugural entry is the very first character we made for Toontastic: Crazy Bearde!

Q1: How’d Crazy Bearde get his Peg Leg?

Q2: What’s his favorite thing to do?

Q3: If Crazy Bearde were an ice cream flavor, which flavor would he be (and why)?

Submit your entry today by 1) Liking this contest on Facebook and 2) Answering the above questions in a comment on the post. We’ll announce a new winner each day. We can’t wait to see what your kids dream up!


  • Christina / May 22, 2012

    Because he got bitten by Sharkie ,fight,something sweet because he has a golden tooth!

  • Eli Pluecker / June 14, 2012

    As an ice cream flavor, he would be Rocky Road because his life has been rocky. He is sweet and chews the lumps when he gets to one in the dish or life.

  • tyla hall / June 10, 2013

    because pirates got them at the peg leg shop

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