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Toontastic v1.71: Now with All-Access Pass!

Andy Russell / 03.19.2012 /  1

AllAccessPass1 Toontastic v1.71: Now with All Access Pass!

As our many faithful playful storytellers can attest, Toontastic features a wide array of virtual playsets chock full of characters and settings to spark the imagination. Pirates and Robots and Rock Stars OH MY!

Of course, we want everyone to have as many toys as possible to inspire even more remarkable cartoons on ToonTube… so we created an All-Access Pass that unlocks all current AND future playsets for one flat price of $9.99. Easy right? We thought so. Unleashing your kids’ imagination is as simple as opening up the app, tapping the “Toy Store” icon, purchasing the All-Access Pass, and stepping back to watch the TOYSPIRATION unfold. Happy ‘Tooning!


  • Ehame / May 13, 2012

    I love u

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