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Tough day at the office (we had to build a Lego Space Shuttle)

Thushan Amarasiriwardena / 07.25.2011 /  1

Here at Launchpad Toys Galactic HQ, we firmly believe that the occasional diversion is the key to a productive workday. So, in honor of the last shuttle mission and in dire need of a task that doesn’t require us looking at a screen, we set out to build the Lego Creator Space Shuttle “Adventure”.

This massive, 1204 piece of awesomely-detailed-shuttleness had us in awe with how smartly engineered it was. There might only be one job better in our eyes than the ones we have here at Launchpad Toys – and that would be one of the vaunted role at Lego as a Master Builder!

Join in on the fun and watch this four hour build in one minute.

We built this set as part of a promo with Wired Magazine’s GeekDad blog (you know, we had to extensively test to make sure kids could make the set). Your child could win one of these sets too by downloading our iPad app Toontastic, make a cartoon and enter our Travel Toons contest. Swing over to the GeekDad blog here for more details:

Kid at heart? Interested in working on creating the next generation of spectacularly-awesomely-cool toys on devices like the iPad? Come join us! We’re hiring:


  • Leah LaCrosse / July 25, 2011

    This reminds me of my days with my 5th grade science students…LOVE to build.
    I may have to video some of their recycled robot building! Thanks for the idea. :)

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